Getting qtdemo to run in Hardy Heron Ubuntu Linux 8.04

Life has been getting keeping me from playing around with Qt and Opencascade lately.
I wanted to get qtdemo working in Ubuntu and was having one heck of time.    This qt stuff looks like it has lots of potential.  I think I’m almost got the demo working.  My saga continues at

I also ran across some makefile stuff on the opencascade forum that looks of interest to me.
Help with OpenCascade 6.2 on ubuntu hardy – beginner

Anyway…. I”m trying to get qtdemo to loadup with is apparently contained qt-demos in the hardy-backports…

I like using synaptic/ APT  to load up the file but I don’t want to load up everything in  backport.  I guess I need to use something called pinning….

I need to add the following line to my /etc/apt/sources.list :

For Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron):
deb hardy-backports main universe multiverse restricted

According to the instructions the main libraries have a default pin priority of 500 and I  need to set the back-port priority to 400 so it doesn’t automatically overwrite everything. (note to self… I think I did that to myself on 8-17…  You see a history log in Synaptic  File -> History)

To do this I need to enter the following into /etc/apt/preferences (Which may or may not exist  (In my case it didn’t)):

According to the instruction I need to set apt-get with -t (target) which gives it a 990 pin priority so hardy-backports beats hardy

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