Working through the Openismus’s example code for Automake (Part 1)

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As good as a reason as any to give my sister(the web-design expert) a call to yak with..:)
Ok… I’m moving along here, I downloaded the example source from:
It basically has a very simple program with a whole bunch going on.

This whole project merits some close scrutiny.
Outside of the source source code the key files to focus on  are the and‘s in the main directory and sub-directories of the project.  Here are the files in the project.

jonas@Ubuntu4:~/helloworld_cc-0.3$ ls -R
aclocal.m4  ChangeLog    config.sub    COPYING  install-sh  Makefile     missing        README
AUTHORS     config.guess  config.log     configure     depcomp  libtool mkinstalldirs  src  config.h      config.status INSTALL  NEWS           stamp-h1

foofiles  hello  hello.h  hello.o  main.o  Makefile

./src/foofiles:  foo.h  foo.o  libfoo.a  Makefile

The contents of the are as follows. (I linked each macro to the appropriate  gnu help reference.)  I guess I should point out that italic macro commands  are deprecated.


AC_OUTPUT(Makefile src/Makefile src/foofiles/Makefile)

So… I guess when I get done dissecting this stuff, I should know enough on how to redo to the  current state of the art..;)
A few points of interest in the gnu caught my eye an bear repeating so I can burn it into my brain.

  • A configure script will always begin with a AC_INIT and should end with a AC_OUTPUT.

The modified sample below is old school according to the gnu manual:

If your has:

you can modernize it as follows:

  • The AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR is considered to be a safety check.
  • This is new school:AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([OPTIONS])
  • autoconf macros start with an "AC_"
  • automake macros start with an "AM_"

Ok… I got to AC_PROG_CC  which is the option of which c compiler to run.   I ran a interesting link that talks about this.  I guess it’s req’d to have the thing run correctly.  I suppose if you’re a geek supreme(I’m not), your going to have multiple compilers on your system.

AC_PROG_CXX is similar to AC_PROG_CC except for C++

Lets see what’s left,
For me at the moment I’m just content running config and make… Sooner or later I suppose, I’ll need this but for now the explanation in the gnu help files works for me:
Set output variable INSTALL to the name of a BSD-compatible install program, if one is found in the current PATH. Otherwise, set INSTALL to dir/install-sh -c', checking the directories specified to AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR (or its default directories) to determine dir (see Output). Also set the variables INSTALL_PROGRAM and INSTALL_SCRIPT to ${INSTALL}‘ and INSTALL_DATA to `${INSTALL} -m 644‘.
This Linux/Unix stuff is still relatively new to me, I was curious what the deal is with BSD
There’s an interesting factoid about the link.. The world owes one to the Lawyers.  According to the page, if BSD wasn’t mired in lawsuits Linus Torvadis, may not have had the need to create Linux… Funny how the world works..
(straight from gnu:”If you are using GNU Autoconf (or Automake), you should add a call to AC_PROG_LIBTOOL to your file. This macro adds many new tests to the configure script so that the generated libtool script will understand the characteristics of the host: “
Good enough for me.
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