Useful and interesting links

These are some links that I have run across in my digital travels.

Browser Stuff
Sources for Source Code If your looking for code samples this is the place to search
Gnu Auto Tools
autotools.html My #1 choice on automake tutorial. This is from the folks at EPITA – LRDE Download the pdf turtorial and click through with adobe.
It’s structured like an animation.
Explanation is top notch but demo is so so
Openismus Explanation is so-so, but really nice demo. Some issues, it looks like theres a bunch of stuff that has been depcrecated.  I disceted this stuff in my blog
Source Forge This tutorial is ok.
Autoconf This link takes you to the Autoconf table of contents. Scroll down to the bottom and you get the Autoconfig Macro Index
gnu automake This takes you to  main table for gnu automake
official gtkmm site Tutorial for gtkmm
Qt Tutorial Site. The official Qt tutorial site
Paul Kunz’s C++ course This site is awesome. If your a  non OO programmer interested in C++ then this is the site for you. I spent a couple of months going through the tutorial on learning C++. Only problem… Doesn’t run nice on linux.
Works better on windows.  (see my blog posts.)
PDF to Mr. Kunz’s Course I found a site that posted a pdf of Paul Kunz lecture. I ran into this site when I first started my C++ adventure.  I understood it when I read it but I couldn’t get it to sink in.  It some very concise documentation.  Too much for a newbie to absorb at once.  Once you sort of understand whats going on and you need to review, this site is actually quite nice.
State University of Groningen I ran into this site when I was researching virtual destructor.  From the intro it sounds like the author is not goo goo eyed over C++.  I guess he drank the cool aid, but it did have any effect 😉
cprogramming This looks interesting. A bunch of links to a bunch of tutorials
yolinux Haven’t really had a chance to explore this one yet. Haven’t had a chance to really use this yet but it looks like it has potential
gtkOpenCascade Linux Gtk+ sample code.  (I haven’t got this to work yet
QtOpenCascade This demo worked great for me. My interests are more in gtk++ at the moment
Misc Cad-Cam Stuff
This is the home site for some open source cad software.  I liked the documentation that talked
freesteel I’m not quite sure how I would describe this sight.
Some Word Press stuff

Posting Source Code

Alex Gorbatchev’s SyntaxHighlighter project was used in the implementation of this feature

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