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It’s been a while.

As the title says, it’s been a while.   What has brought me back is my lifelong dream of starting my own business.   My poor website is a mess. It hasn’t been used for a while and it’s going take some … Continue reading

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Having and issue installing pygal

This took a little longer than it should to figure out.. For what ever reason install pygal using pip on my debian stretch yielded this error. pi@tomrpi3:~ $ pip install pygal Collecting pygal Exception: Traceback (most recent call last): File … Continue reading

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Exciting things happen in freecad Ver.17 and down the Rabbit hole we go.

I’m a long time Freecad user but  I’ve been staying away from the bleeding edge of development since the stable build basically worked and suited my needs.  I have had way too many irons in the fire in my life … Continue reading

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Problems Ssh’ng into my Beaglebone Black using my W530 with Nvidia drivers