More on running Paul Kunz’s C++ course in Linux.

Alright…. Lets do a quick recap.. I was going through the Qt tutorial and decided I needed some more study in C++.  In doing some research I stumbled on this fantastic on-line resource, which was a on-line course in C++.   I sort of got it working both in windows and Linux but not to its full potential.

In linux, I was trying to determine if I really needed realplayer to run. Is realplayer the only option? (Cern C++ Lecture Series)

I wound up installing Realplayer and hosed up my Mplayer which was tuned up nice. I’ve been having issues with trying to uninstall it. Need help on uninstalling RealPlayer 11 GOLD

I sent a email to University of Michigan with my tales of woe, and they responded to me. Apparently, the link I had was supposed to run detached to work in Linux.

There is a more up to date version of the lecture and  here it is:–BrowseResources.php?ParentId=215

Also a more up to date link to the lecture archive is at

(I’m having issues at the moment with my Linux box.  So I don’t know how well it works.)

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