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winzip thumbdrives and cross plattform support between linux and windows.

I’ve been finding myself using my thumb drive an awful lot lately.  My C++ instructor requested that homework be zipped up before being submitted to him. I find myself bouncing between windows and linux at home and windows everywhere else… … Continue reading

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Getting slightly hung up on my first home work assignment for my Advanced C++ class

So… I just started my advance C++ class at my local community college. The book being used for the class is Data Structures with C++ using STL by William Ford  and Willam Top. The book isn’t what I call an … Continue reading

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Looking at optimizing the current on my Ver 1 Linisteppers.

I some sort of interested in crunching some numbers to see what I got here. I checked my with a thread gauge and it has a pitch of 20 threads per inch. I measured the lead of the thread with … Continue reading

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Wiring up my stepper motors for standard rotation with Linisteppers

If anyone is curious my new old sherline line sort of looks like this: Ok… I’m very exited that I have 3 of my 4 linisteppers working very nicely.  On my forth, I had soldered the resistors next the … Continue reading

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Getting my D&M computing sherline mill running with my Linisteppers. What PSU voltage?

Well, I guess it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  But I’ve been a bit busy lately.   A year or show ago, I got a bug to by some Linisteppers.  I got a kit (version 1) for 4 drivers … Continue reading

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