C++ and Gtk+

I’ve been playing around with Gtk+.  It turns out that the tutorial I was working was more for C.
My particular objective is to us Gtk in C++.   I guess the thing I need is the gtkmm library which is specific to C++.   I had it downloaded already in synaptic.  I did notice when there was a documentation download which included a tutorial..
I found the home page for gtkmm which also includes tutorials. http://www.gtkmm.org/

The tutorial is at: http://www.gtkmm.org/docs/gtkmm-2.4/docs/tutorial/html/index.html

Ok… I’m liking what I’m seeing far with gtkmm.   It seems like its far cleaner that straight gtk++
The tutorial seems informative.  Just made it up to chapter 3 headers and linking
On the bottom is a link to a tutorial for automake and autoconf

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