Configuring Hardy Heron the Hard Way

This is nuts.. I was having some problems getting screen resolution to work with my original box, so I went wound up partitioning my XP box which is slightly more modern and had the same issue.  (I couldn’t get beyond 840*680 Screen resolution).  So…… at this point I feel like I’m one of those monkey’s at a type writer banging away.  Suddenly you have Shakesphere.  I have the screen resolution working just perfectly and not exactly sure what I did.

This is the steps that I recall:
I downloaded and installed a native Nvdia driver from the manufacturer.  I used this link as my guide:
As I recalled the instructions didn’t work. I was stuck in the low resolution mode and I wound up going to system=>Adminstration=>Hardware Drivers.  I clicked on the enable video card, and some how I got into the manual configuration screen.  I scrolled down the lists for graphics cards and monitors, picked out what I needed and there you go.  Based on what I saw flashing across the screen I don’t think I’m using the manufacturer driver, but I’m not sure.
I guess the test would be to see I can get into that manual screen and configure my other box..
Time to save the blog, flip the KVM and see what happens.  No luck yet on this…..
I made a post on Ubuntu… See what happens..

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