Getting closer on a parametric pop-out model using Heekscad

Ok… It seems like my vertical/horizontal constraints bug seems to have gone away with the bug-fix suggestion from Jon Pry.    I disabled the cause locally in my machine, but this is just a interim fix.
There are still some critters I’m finding then I’m trying to build my model for a diagonal pop-out box.

Commenting out the 3 lines of code seems to be working well. Setting vertical and horizontal constraints are working well,
Most of the constraints that I used seem to be functioning properly. The only one that seems to be an issue is the fixed point constraint.

It appears that I can set set a fixed point constraint in heekscad, but as soon as I save it, Heeks crashes. Heekscad is a work in progress, has a huge amount of bugs/loose ends, but most of them you can work around if you know they are there.
I’m not downing the software here… It just things that I’ve noticed that need to be fixed.  There is so much cool potential here.

  • Doesn’t appear setting color on lines works.
  • It appears that constraints are solved within a single sketch. If that’s so, why can you set constraint across 2 sketches.
  • It appears that you can drag a point from one line to another. In other words one line appears to have 3 points another line 1. There is a crash on save.
  • Inch mode doesn’t seem to be working properly.
  • When in inch mode the snap grid displayed in the background is inch.

These aren’t killing me a this point.  The fixed point constraint however is causing me some pain of finishing this little part of my project…  I am getting sooo close to success here.
Hear is where I’m at so far with my project.

A couple of weird things I should mention here:
I drew a 45 degree triangle because I needed a 45 degree angle. Either I don’t understand how to set a angle constraint or this feature hasn’t been implemented but it is how I got around for now.

The thing that I can’t get around for now is this fixed point constraint. You’ll see that I have 4 horizontal lines defined. They’re in order top to bottom and they represent:
a: Height of the rectangular cube
b: Width of the rectangular cube
c: Depth of the rectangular cube
d: Length of the gluetab line

Some of these lines are cut lines other are fold lines. I was hoping to change the fold lines to – – hidden lines to represent something called a kiss cut or a least a different color but I haven’t gotten that far.
What I want to do is to put a fixed point constraint on the left side of a,b,c,d as well as the left front corner of the cube which started out as 0,0,0 but has moved around a bit as you can see.

My end game is do export this to DXF and then import it to a WPC which pazzle paper cutter I have access to.

So… I’ve been wanting to get better at C++, I guess I need to did around in the code to see if I can figure out what’s crashing heekscad when a fixed point constraint is set and the file is saved.   Anyway that’s were things are at.

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