Getting the house in order before loading Opencascade

This is my 3’rd time that I’ve loaded the OS and started from scratch. This sort of reminds me of the movie the Matrix. Anyhow…. I’ve taken risks to see what would happen and basically couldn’t get out of the deep hole I dug. This is not a big deal when your doing this for fun but would not be fun under the gun on the clock.
Since I wiped the drive and haven’t downloaded OCC yet, I don’t have the installation instructions in front of me at the moment. As I recall they really screwed me up the last time around. I think the main thing was that the scripts that where called out required shells different from the default unbuntu bash (the GNU Bourne-Again Shell). The instructions called out to execute [ ] which requires C-shell to execute.
You’ll need to install the C-shell. To open a terminal session select Application ▸ Accessories ▸Terminal
Enter the follow:
sudo apt-get install csh
you’ll get a prompt for a password and some blah blah stuff. Answer as appriopriate. (I noticed something weird here. I tried to cut and past from my previous post into the terminal. Keystroking CTRL-C from firefox works but CTRL-V to the Terminal win does not. But, Edit▸Paste from the terminal header does work. Go figure. )
Next step
Install Sun Java 6
sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk
I’m on the low end of ATT dsl, so this is going to take a few minutes.
(I was screwing around listen to Nelson Manela video that comes with Ubuntu and you seem to get a license stuff at the end. So I hope I didn’t screw something up when I was bouncing between windows. If you highlight the ok line, it will let you scroll the agreement. Yikes there seems no easy way to get out of this..)
@#$@^ I just googled the command script and found this:
Darn.. Darn.. Darn.. I don’t know if I did this because I was watching Nelson or if something goofy happen… I did a terminal reset and the screen when bizarre…. It seems like others have had issues also from the above link.. I need to investigate this further tomorrow.


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