GTDification continues.

I just finished reading David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” this weekend.  I have to say that’s it had a very profound effect on me.   I’d not sure I can recall any book that I’ve read that has made so much sense.
A friend I work with calls me Born Again.  I guess I have become a bit of my zealot.  I gaze upon my office and look at what I need to sort into reference, trash and actionable items….. Yikes what a pile.

One of the things that I’ve been looking at is trying create a cross-platform database on a thumb drive that I could use either at home (ubuntu) or at work (xp).  Yah know you’d think this would be easy… but its not.  My weapon of choice would be MSaccess, since I use that all the time at work and am very familiar wiith this.  Unfortunately, from my research so far, it seems open source drivers/software etc.. are basically available to suck information out access but not put it back in.

I had also got the suggestion to try sqlite.  Basic research there is that it would work fine on Linux sight but would need to get drivers installed at work, which lets just say might be bit of a challenge.

Then someone suggested this tiddlywiki technology. This is very interesting stuff, that I’m not that familiar with.  This is stuff  cool stuff.   You can have your own personal wiki on a stick.
The main issue that I had with this is what are the security implications with this stuff.
From the wikipedia link they talk about how tiddlywiki is a combination of html, css and javascript.

So..  javascript security page talks about how in theory, scripts are run in a sandbox and have same orgin policy.   I theory I guess it’s secure.  You keep reading and you here about all these exceptions to it.  Oh… joy… So.. I’m not sure..  Need to get some second opinions from people I trust.  Man this is a headache.

So… At the moment I’m looking at two Gtd tiddlywiki based organizers.

At first tries d3 seems to be the way to go.  But…. mGtd seems sort of advanced.
This is interesting an comment

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