Metalshaperman actually uses his metal shaper

Ok…. So I’ve been sort of busy lately…. Last week we took part in the neighborhood garage sale and the house is pretty disorganized.    The wife managed to do a little shopping in the hood a managed to score a vary nice aluminum framed third wheel to take our daughter on.

I had gotten a third wheel from an acquaintance at work a while back and machined a adaptor bushing out of Delrin to fit my wife’s bicycle.   That steel framed third wheel was a bit of a lead sled, plus it did fit my daughter correctly.   At the time, I machined the bushing in my lathe and used a sawzall to cut the slot.  Anyway, the new third wheel need to have the bushing od machined slightly smaller and the wife wanted the slot a bit bigger.  Nothing is finer than a wife asking you to go down to the basement to machine something for her.

I originally tried to put install the seat post in the bushing and tried to chuck over the shoulder.  Should have worked in theory, but I had to move the seat post way back to clear the toolpost and my chuck jaws would have been in the way if I would have butted the bushing against the chuck face.  Long and short… very dangerous setup…

Since my original slot was pretty thin.  I just clamped down hard and took light cuts. (I only flung out of the chuck once….. Yikess.  Once I got the od machined down, I clamped it in my shaper and used a lathe cut off tool to widen the slot.  For delrin, it worked just fine.

Hard to believe but this is the first project with the new shaper and it only took 6 or so years….


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  1. Mike H says:

    congratulations! tell me though, is this line in code?

    “Nothing is finer than a wife asking you to go down to the basement to machine something for her”

    ; )

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