More on Qt and I’ve found something to replace American Idol… the Elections

Ok… One of the distractions I allowed by myself was American Idol.   With that show in the off-season on only equivalent form of entertainment is the US elections (albeit with some serious consequences).
I happened have stumbled on Google blog search site and for fun I put in “Palin” as a search criteria.  At the top of the list was this fascinating link:

I wonder if these guys get into American Idol in their off season..

Enough of that for now….  Back to Qt….
I ran across the official Qt Tutorial Site.
So far I’ve worked my way up to 6) Building Blocks Galore!

There is a lot of stuff going on in this Qt.  Very powerful..
So… My game plan at the moment is:

  • Work through the Qt tutorial #1(which will give me a basic understanding of Qt)
    • Figure out if I need to go through Qt tutorial #2 also….
  • Work through the code in Qtopencascade (which hopefully will get me more into OCC finally)
    • Mess with  around an make my own version of a makebottle.
    • Modeling my Ammco Shaper. (perhaps animated)
    • Figure out how to make an animated gif of the metal shaper.
  • Start researching brep file layouts.

While I feel like I’m progressing in increasing my knowledge base, my progress is far slower than I would like.  There is just so much going on in this undertaking of mine that’s totally new for me it makes my brain ache.   I guess on the plus side its on way of prevent brain-rot.

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