Playing around with wxwidgets, wkformbuilder Code::blocks

I was just reflecting with on the long line of stuff that I’ve looked at prior to getting to this spot.
I’ve looked at QT, gtk, gtkmm and finally wxwidgets.  I’ve glanced at glade and wxwidgets. I’ve played a little bit with Anjuta, Netbeans, Emac’s.
For the first time, I had a  real comfort level from the get go when I went through the wxformbuilder tutorial.  I guess to be truthfull, the comfort level sort of ended at step 10, when it started talking about integrating the generated code into an IDE.    To quote:

Now it is time to integrate the generated code with your IDE (Visual C++, Dev-C++, Code::Blocks…). You will have to add the generated files (tutorial_gui.h/cpp) to the project.

I found a most excellent wiki site which a cross comparison of IDE’s across multiple platforms. But first searching for that I ran into a general discussion about IDE’s

I statement in the above article rings true for me:

However, because an IDE is by its very nature a complicated piece of software, this high productivity only occurs after a long learning time.

Anyway, based on the cross comparison I felt that Code::blocks would suit my needs. I downloaded the PDF for it and it’s massive…. The quote about a complicated piece of software comes to mind. I need to do a little searching for a quick start tutorial…..

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