Prepping for the Drive Wipe and Reformat

Having a wonderful morning here. The crew is still asleep and I’m playing around with this blog. Yesterday, we had the wife’s family over for our Easter celebration and a good time was had by all.

In my attempts to get the Open Cascade Bottle demo project working, I wound up modifying some shell scripts which in hind-site probably wasn’t the thing to do.

In my experiments, I made so many tweaks its been sort hard to get back to a baseline. For some reason I can neither re-install or un-install the OCC library… So…. time to start from scratch and wipe the drive and re-install Ubuntu. Yecch!!! And to think, I got the wallpaper setup just the way I like it. I’ve done this a couple of times already and it gets more painful each time I do it (since I’m further and further along). I’m thinking this is probably going to me the steps I’m going to need to take.

I guess should figure how to determine current version of ubuntu on my PC

System->Administration->System Monitor tells me that I’m at “7.10”

  1. Export my Firefox book marks and email them to myself or link them into the website.
  2. Complete reinstall of Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon 7.10 (although Hardy Heron Ubuntu 8.04 is less than a month away.
  3. Get my cool back ground back as well a my fungames (Maelstrom,Nibbles and Mines are the ones my 5 year old and I like to play)
  4. Install gnu C++ compiler (which if I recall is named g++ (go figure)
  5. Install Anjuta IDE (I’m may rethink this one, this was a major PIA to get installed, and I wasn’t that impressed with the IDE. I’m really used to and spoiled by Microsofts VB6 IDE.
  6. Download Open cascade
  7. Install Open cascade.
  8. Get Drawexe working. (This is the point that this project died). I think the problem is with . I found a really good site that dealt with that problem. @#% I know I bookmarked it… I just can find it.
  9. Get OCC bottle project running.
  10. Pat self on back.
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