Reprap woes…

Ok… Things are not going to good.

My Y-axis on my ramps 1.4 stopped working  I’m reasonable certain into not the pololu and it’s not the motor.
I’m wondering if there is some type of weld solder failure in the ramps 1.4 shield or the mega.

I swapped the motors and the y-ran fine in the x and the x didn’t run in the y….
I put things back and swapped pololu’s  the Y-axis pololu doesn’t seem to be running well in the x…

The x in the y doesn’t run well at all.

I managed to burn up one of my Z-axis Pololu’s when I accidentally shorted it out. ( I had a spare)
Then I managed to break the tab on a current pot for the y…  (When I put it in the x.. It ran but irratically… I’m wondering if something is screwed up with the pot.

At the moment I’m thinking that there is something screwed up either with the ramps 1.4 Shield or the Arduino mega…  I was looking at the mega… It looks like it had some rework done on it…

I’m reasonable certain that chip is geting power to Vmot,

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