Results of the calibration checks and next steps

I make a little how cylinder in free cad and printed it out and measured it.  Hear are the results

MM INCH Measured Measurement method Comment
Hollow cylinder ID 11 0.4331 0.399 Gauge Pins Huh?
OD 17 0.6693 .669-.680 Digital Veneer
LENGTH 10 0.3937 .395 -.400 Digital Veneer
Pin OD 0.196 .208-.214

This is not what I expected… I deburred the ends of the bore with a chamfering tool and then inserted a gauge pin such that it had barely went on freely.

The gauge pin is much closer to 10 mm ( .3937) than it is to 11mm. At first I thought I misnamed the model, so I went back to check how I dimensioned it… R =5.5 mm
So then I overlayed the Stl over the sketch and it showed that it meshed.   This makes no sense to me at all.  I’m a full mm off on my bore but the od is ok.

I know that when I drew this out originally I used 11 R and 17 R on the radius, which I immediately killed the print and when back to my Freecad computer and fixed that uploaded the stl file  and then downloaded to my printer computer…   I overlayed the STL to the sketch and it matched…   I’m thinking I messed up somehow and I need to redo the freecad sketch pad the stl etc… and see what happens…. Although for the life of me, I don’t know how I did that…

Anyway… way too tired tonight to mess with this…   What I wanted to do was do a little research why my nozzle keeps scraping on my table in my first 3 layers and then causes a motor skip… But the sandman is here…

Just a quick update….  I did a quick search on the search terms… “correlation between layer height and nozzle gap reprap”,131648 

and this discussion thread popped up on the top of the list…. Die swell… Ok…. thats a new one on me….  I need to re-read that link over some morning java…  Why is it the more I learn the less I seem to know.? Machining in metal seems way more straightforward to me, as opposed to pooping plastic…


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