Scraping an Ammco metal shaper counter-shaft base

One of my projects was to replace a worn counter shaft on my ammco metal shaper replace the babbit bearing with Bronze.
A friend with a jig-bore machine the counter shaft for me in his jig-bore to fit the bushings.

I got the thing completely rebuilt, repainted and ready to install and I noticed that the base rocked when I was getting read to  bolt it down.  I suppose I could have shimmed it with some washer but that just seem like a slock solution to me.  Machining the base was out of the question, my mill isn’t big enough to mount the assembly and I couldn’t really dissemble without major pain..
What to do.  So… I thought I give my Armstrong scraping tool a whirl.   The following pictures shows the progression of the scraping project:
Initial Scraping



A few years back I got Mike Morgans video on scraping and went to town scrapping a cast iron surface plate I had. I wound up giving myself tennis elbow, or should I say scrapping elbow and took a good year to heal. So I you decide to scrape all I have to say is keep the elbow tucked against your body and let your hips do the work.

Now I got the thing almost as flat as a surface plate and life is good…

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