Setting up enviroment values for C-shell

I feel like the guy whose been sort of lost driving and has been sort of reluctant to ask for directions. I keep thinking I’m almost there, but I at a point where I’m posting this on the ubuntu forum. A summary of how I got to where I’m at.

I managed to set the environment variables to the bash shell successfully per his instructions but got real confused trying to set this up for the C-shell.
In this guys instructions he talks about the “simple matter” about adding Java properties to the file: /etc/csh/login.d/java
In my personal logic leads me to think that the /etc/csh/login.d would have been created at install or when I fire up csh in terminal. I suppose I could brute for and create the sub-folders, but my gut tells me that will not work. Am I wrong? I guess these are the questions I have:

  • Is /etc/csh/login.d/ something that csh recognize out of the box?
    • Do I need to manually create the folder for the file /etc/csh/login.d/java?
      I found: The C shell tutor which talks about .cshrc .login .logout

    I think all I need to do is to plot the setenv stuff is .cshrc
    Is that correct?? Where is .cshrc located?

I posted this on Ubuntu forums…. See what happens

I suppose I should probably update the database and see if I can answer my own questions. To create a database with the file names in the terminal go sudo updatedb, and after that Locate filename

jonas@jonas-desktop:~$ sudo updatedb
[sudo] password for jonas:
jonas@jonas-desktop:~$ locate .cshrc
jonas@jonas-desktop:~$ locate cshrc
It doesn’t seem to be there…..more research req’d hopefully someone takes pity on me.

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