Some more Hexy the Hexapod Nexus7 stuff using AI2

Ok.. I’m feeling emboldened.. Storing tinydbMoves seems to working.. Although I need a delay…
So.. here are the next steps/goals to keep moving the ball on this project:

  • Add a delay step to the tinydbMoves to mimic what was in pomoco
  • Delete the T’s make sure that still works.
  • Create a tinywebdb database.
  • Redirect the hardcoded data there.
  • Have the app download from tinywebdb to tinydbMoves(Eventually offsets compensation will take place in this step but not quite now)
  • Next next goals:
    Get pomono git cloned and provide the data for tinywebdb.
    Get get the dead bug move programmed in. When I’m not using hexy, I’ve been curling up his legs like a dead spider it would be nice to write a routine for that.

    Adding a delay step to AI2:
    Ok… There is a delay function in pomoco.
    Heres a sample:
    Ok.. Pretty sure that is in seconds..

    so.. need a little googlin to see what AI2 has:
    Hmm.. this is real interesting
    which lead me to thisWaveInPomoco

    Sooo. I was correct that T was creating an error if the move was 3decimal places, so I removed it..
    I added a delay command so here’s what the data stream looks like as well as the delay and moved functions..



    Ok.. So that leaves the tinywebdb for this round of goals.
    An here is some info on that…
    Ok… This is getting a wee bit more involved and I’m going to pursue this after getting a good nights rest..

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