What a tease with the Heekscad parametric equation solver

I spent the evening drawing out by had a pop up box that would open up on a 45 with a top….  After about 4-5 iterations I finally got…. So the next step was to move it to Heekscad and put it in the equation solver.
I was getting the hang of it and I thought I was done….  Basically I could resize a length and the whole box layout would automatically generate.  This thing is amazing.

Then I got a segmentation fault… (hey it happens) when I re-opened all the contraints that I had spent hours on where lost… ;(

Oh well… My life schedule has just slipped a bit.    I had one of the guys on the IRC check it out for me to confirm I was not only get this behavior…

Not the worst thing in the world.  I need to see if this is a bug that has been filed.  But time to get some sleep.

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