winzip thumbdrives and cross plattform support between linux and windows.

I’ve been finding myself using my thumb drive an awful lot lately.  My C++ instructor requested that homework be zipped up before being submitted to him.
I find myself bouncing between windows and linux at home and windows everywhere else…

Soo…. I want to see if I can compress my assignments into a zip file  Linux unto my thumb drive and see if I can unzip on the windows side of things.
I found some interesting references here:

and here:

So reading this, there is a terminal way of doing things and a gui.  Since, I’m more of the gui kind of guy, I thought I go that route first.
First things first, I wonder what happens if I just go to the synaptic repository and search on ZIP and see what happens:
Ok… I popped up a program called zip… When I typed in ZIP and Gnome, I get file-roller which was mentioned in the first reference I had.

Hmm.. I seems to be installed already…. I don’t remember doing that… Lets try the re-install and see what happens.

Ok. I when to Place->Home Folder when to my home folder and clicked to my folder on my thumbdrive with my homework to be submitted.
I held the shift down and left clicked the files I wanted to zip.
Then right click and select compress.   I select “zip as an option, renamed the file and clicked on create.
Darn…. that was  just way too easy…
Forget that creating mounts etc… from the terminal…  It’s done.  Time to test out and made sure it works out on the windows side of things.
All is well…. Files look a little weird when they open up in notepad, but look fine in wordpad… We’re good…

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