Working through the programming in gtkmm tutorial (Part 3)

Ok… I’m more interested in actual code that works rather than snippets.
Your going to need to trudge through:

Intermediate Types
And finally we get to some source again: Hello World in gtkmm

Ok… Time for me digress. I’m making a conscious effort to keep this blog a political in general. But…. See as to how this is Nov 4’th and I was the first guy to vote when the polling station opened this morning, I hope my guys (who are projected to win) win. Now I can stress over something else…. Man… two more months till American Idol starts 🙁

Starting to run out of time before I have to get to work so choo choo… get train back on the track..
The are bunch of things that I need to look at closer in those sections prior to hello world, but my preference is to study it when I run across it in a line of code that I don’t understand.

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