Birds and Bee’s and Gtd

Ok.. So summer of 2012 and I seem to be having a overwhelming number of projects going on.

I’ve attemping to introduce a new queen, I’ve run across,  nuture a small swarm to see if I can turn it into a viable colony along with umteem other projects.

My little polyline Arc project is so close to being (no pun) done I can smell it.  It seems like I really need doing some active project management again to maintain sanity and get a few things done.  I’ve been using D3 which is tiddlywiki based and have been re-reading (actually listening ) David Allens Gettings Things Done.

Anyway…  I ran across this thing called a top hive.  It’s really cool and if I had all the time in the world I’d probably build one, but I don’t.

This is soo cool but I think this would have issues extracting the honey.  Not something I want to do any time in the future.  (How the heck to you extract honey on something like this?

Anyway the other of this video also has a very interesting tutorial website.

A few months back I saw a top bar hive in make magazine, which I thought was the weirdness thing that I didn’t understand until I the above  video.

So… I’m going to park this for reference now.. Although I think I’m going to go through this guys tutorials.











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