speeding up the kids minecraft

So.. the kid has been in my ear about getting her mind craft running faster and wanting to install mods… and….and… and…

I guess the first step is figure out how slow her mind craft is running…
I found a link here on how to display FPS frames per second.


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Hold F3, press F10, release F3, press F10 again. It will show all the info (FPS, position, chunk updates, etc.) on the screen without having to hold a button. To get rid of it, press F3 again.

Ok… So I have this performance chart thing that’s obscuring the FPS display.

Which took me to here.
Ok… so I thought I’d need a mod, but according to this.. if I press Shift-F3 it displays without the graph in newer versions of minecraft which we have.
So… at this point we’re displaying about 4fps.

Ok… I’m looking at this site for tips on speeding up minecraft  http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/343030-minecraft-speedoptimization-guide-v-23-4-updated-on-april-20-i-need-cheetos/#pof

I tried defragging.. That didn’t really help…
Next tip was:
Do – Play on “fast” and “tiny” graphics, use Advanced OpenGL!

Went with fast,normal and Advance OpenGl

Brought up speed to 15 to 20 fps

My kid’s laptop is running XP… supposedly another boost will come from turning off the file indexing:




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