Documentation Map for HeekCAD

I’ve been on my latest kick on the lack of a map for how heekscad is laid out. I thought that perhaps, I could just use some software and magically suck out some UML diagrams to take care of that.. Off course things can’t be that easy..

I get the impression that most UML software is designed to generate code from diagrams and not the other way around. So I took a couple of test runs of some software and was yapping about it on the IRC. Louipc made a comment that he thought doxygen could do that.
I took a look at the wiki page and found a couple of links:

Well that got me googling a little more…
What I ran across was audacity.

This is a project that is CPP (as well as C), on the google code trunk, and uses wxwidgets, just like heeksCAD. The thing is that it seems they have decent documentation.

I’m really starting to wander off the path here, but I think Audacity from what I understand really has there game on. Might it have a code::blocks cbp file? Not sure about that one.. (That would have been too good to be true for me)

Awe… need to figure out how to compile this from the command line again… I’ve been spoiled.

Ok.. Instructions here???

Ok… not sure what the deal is with that.  This is going to take a while.

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