Giving ArgoUml a whirl

Ok.. So tried umbrello from the synaptic repository and It seems like I was getting some segmentation faults on my first little try… Sort of like a bad first date… Later…

Well lets see what first impression are with


When to and downloaded at tar ball.

Hmm.. nice front end on the web page..  Seems like she may have depth and intelligence.  Perhaps its time to say hello.

Unloaded the tarball.  Extracted and started up from the command line.

So far so good.

jonas@jonas5:~/ArgoUml$ cd argouml-0.30.2
jonas@jonas5:~/ArgoUml/argouml-0.30.2$ java -jar argouml.jar

Ok… Now to the manual.

Yikes…. 403 pages… The stuff I’m interested in is around page 369.
This is depressing.

The software seems to go from Uml design =>code. Not the otherway around.
Ok maybe that was too much to expect.
Maybe one more try for umbrello.

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