Getting backinto the 3d printing swing of things..

I ordered a spool of translucent blue pla from ultimachine and started off printing it with my reworked head.

Also, I keeping a spreadsheet to keep track of how much printing time I’m getting on my modded head…  I’m running low on my green pla and I want to preserve it for my yoda heads and minecraft creepers 😉

So… I think I’m working with too many unknown variables at the moment…  That is, a rebuilt extruder head and different material..  At this point, it seems like I had to set my flow rate to 94 percent of my green and it seems, like running at 205 is better than the default 200…  But…. I won’t know if that’s the material on the head until I put some green back in.

At the default settings it seems like I’m getting some goobers (hows that for a technical description)…  I think the material isn’t printing out flat and when the nozzle passes over it it’s rubbing which winds up aggrevating the situation and getting worse…  At least its my working “A” theory at the moment.   Couple of other thoughts as to what might be happening, but I’m just tuning down the flow rate in Repetier for the moment an upping the temperature to see how that works out..

Prior to my jam, I was getting used to just printing… I think I’m going to got back through the calibration procedure.. It seems like I’m putting more material through the extrude than before..

Anyway…I’ve been staying up way too late.. Time to take out the garbage and its off to be..

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