Getting code::blocks to show a source and header file side by side split view Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit

[edit… Sorry about the roughness of this page. I like to keep notes of when I do something so if I wind up screwing something up, I can figure out what happened. I managed to accomplish my goal but really have the time to make this look all pretty and professional.. If you can’t decipher my notes, I left links on where I got my info from]

Ok.. So I’ve been using VS10 at work and if I want to look at a source and header file at the same time, I can just drag the file off the tab and it shows up as a individual window.  Sweet.  I’m working on my project for my c++ class and I want to do the same thing on code::blocks on my linux machine.  Hmm…
So far I’ve been able to tab on the same.
Looking through the code::blocks IDE it’s not obvious(too me at least on how to do that).
Ok a little googling here and we come up with this post:

Sooo.. Nov 2008 code::blocks folks were testing a patch which enables that feature… if you would have searched the forum you would have seen that blah blah blah.. Ok… (would have been nice if the moderator would have provided a link to that discussion..)  This looks like it can be done. So… But how..

Ok… I think I found it:,12885.0.html
The magic search term seems to be split view.  Oh..
“It’s a feature we have added between 8.02 and 10.05,”

Ah heck.. Nothing is ever easy. Ok… Just look at synaptic it looks like 8.02 is in the repository.
So… found instructions sort of for 64 bit (I’m running 32 bit) here:,12662.0.html
I’m not sure this is a clean set of instructions though..
Ok… So I found this:

I think I found “the spot”
Ok.. Lets see. Instructions don’t say to do this but I guess I should uninstall my current version of code::blocks
Since I have synaptic up already, I’ll just use the gui. I basically had codeblocks libcodeblocks0 in the synaptic repository.  Ok… Need to get out of that so, I can use sudo apt-get from terminal later..

Ok… Find the code::
Now… I’m find a deadline here… If I would have a bit more time I would download the source but I have a bit of a deadline here so, I’m going to opt for the binary.

[edit: in hindsite wrong path]
I believe for my situation this is what I need.

Debian logo



So…. Big file it’s going to take a few minutes on my slow connection.

So… I see some stuff on getting the latest and greatest (ahead of synaptic) for ubuntu on jen’s page.

Seems like a good idea.
step 1)
curl | sudo apt-key add –
I didn’t have curl so I need to add that.

curl  is  a  tool  to transfer data from or to a server, using one of the supported protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP,
TFTP, DICT, TELNET, LDAP or FILE).  The command is designed to work without user interaction.

curl offers a busload of useful tricks like proxy support, user authentication, FTP upload, HTTP post, SSL connections,  cookies,
file transfer resume and more. As you will see below, the number of features will make your head spin!

curl is powered by libcurl for all transfer-related features. See libcurl(3) for details

Lets try step 1. Again.. Success..

Step 2.)
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
so… I need to fix this string up:
# wxWidgets/wxPython repository at
deb DIST-wx main
deb-src DIST-wx main

Oh.. this is sort of cool:
jonas@jonas5:~$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS
Release: 10.04
Codename: lucid

since I have 10.04 I need to make this look like this.
# wxWidgets/wxPython repository at
deb lucid-wx main
deb-src lucid-wx main
done… save and edit.
step 4.)
sudo apt-get update
no biggy..
Step 5.)
sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8 python-wxtools wx2.8-i18n
I do a fair amount of building from source… so we’ll go this one also.
sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8 python-wxtools wx2.8-i18n libwxgtk2.8-dev libgtk2.0-dev

Ok… Now back to code::blocks
For now… I’m just going to stop here and just install the tar’s I just down loaded…
Opening the download folder..Ah  heck.. things just got a bit confusing.

Ok.. NOTE: The Debian packages above are compressed archives (tar.bz2). When you decompress the package you downloaded on your system, you will find all the .deb packages required to install Code::Blocks. The packages named *-dbg-* contain the files needed to debug Code::Blocks itself, not needed for the most users.
Oh… when I tried installing to individually install the deb’s I got all these dependancy issues.

Ok.. I’m trying this route in adding this to my sources list.

deb any main

deb-src any main

and then this from the terminal

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install jens-lody-debian-keyring

sudo apt-get update

ugg.. I tried to click on my code blocks icon left over from my 8.02 and nothing happens.

Ok.. Do I need to do a sudo apt-get install codeblocks?? Well I guess I'll see what happens.

Hot darn it seems to be working.

So... I'm able to view to files simultaneously the only downside is so far I can only do it horizontally, my preference would be to do it side by side vertically. Oh well... better than what I had before... Like I said fighting a deadline and my daughter just came in my office wanting to play our saturday morning games..

[Edit Splitting vertically can be done. Not sure how I did it... I dragged it around till it worked..

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