Getting distracted by Blender 2.54a

Ok.. I haven’t had what I would call my most productive weekend.
My daughter happened to remind me about the computer game I said I’d write for her.

Well, since I’m taking a class in C++ I thought what the hey. I need the coding practise, so I thought this would be a good exercise. The game tutorial series that I’d been looking at here to template off of uses a md2 file for its action models.

Ah…I think this is where I got stuck the last time, I went down this path. In order to produce this model, I needed to use Blender. Blender 2.4x while exceedingly powerful was not vary intuitive to use. There was talk at the time about the 2.5x alpha versions of Blender that a totally reworked easy to use front end. I decided to put this project aside for a while and wait for the next version.

Doing a little research, it seemed like Blender 2.54a beta has been getting some pretty good buzz on the net. Perhaps not quite a “release” but darn close. The only negative is that it can’t export a md2 directly at the moment. I saw some talk about using 2.54 and then downgrading to a lower version for the export. Uggg….

So… Complicating matters even further I watched a youtube Super3boy:Super3boy’s Blender Tutorials – RPG Series #1 (Intro to Logic Bricks)
that frankly really impressed me as how far Blender has come.

So.. I think this might be a path worth pursuing. My child really enjoys art and it would be fun to have here create something that could be inserted into a game. I’m hoping that I can use C++ to sharpen my skills, but if that looks impractical another approach vector would be to use the Blender game engine.

I like super3boys video’s so I think my next step is to work through them and go from there.

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