Getting my D&M computing sherline mill running with my Linisteppers. What PSU voltage?

I guess it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  But I’ve been a bit busy lately.   A year or show ago, I got a bug to by some Linisteppers.  I got a kit (version 1) for 4 drivers with a parallel port interphase.  I finally got them all soldered up and I’m getting ready to start connecting them to a sherline mill that was modifed by D&M computing.

My conundrum is that I obtained the sherline mill and the stepper motors in trade less the drivers.  So… I have no technical specs on the motors….
Soo… Lets see what I can pull up on the web.

This was an interesting link. Supposedly a label under the label. Aw shucks…. That would have been so…. Easy… I start peeling the D&M labels on one of the steppers… No luck… I suppose I should check out my other ones.

Ok… So the labels on my x-y axis are impossible to peal apart…. But.  I was able to pull the label back on my z-axis.
The information is as follows:

Miniangle StepperType
Made in Thailand
Minebea CO. Ltd 727-06

Hm… I wish I could have peeled apart the label on the X&Z drives but not such luck on that. The x&y steppers are shorter than z.  Also they have 5 wires instead of 6.  So I’m hypothesising that my x&z will still be running around 5.4 V/Phase also??

So……. I had a 5 volt power supply that I initially tested my lini-steeper with a 12 volt stepper….. It  ran but barely had any holding torque.  I’m thinking that if I figure out the wiring my mill steppers the holding torque will be much better…..
I wonder if the x&y also have a similar voltage rating but a lower amperage?  Just a theory…

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2 Responses to Getting my D&M computing sherline mill running with my Linisteppers. What PSU voltage?

  1. Filippo Gagliardi says:

    This may come a little late, but the x and y axis motors are rated @ 6V and 1.2A. I managed to scrape away just enough of the d&m sticker to see this info.

    I’d be curious to know what the model number is and or the holding torque.

  2. admin says:

    Sorry about taking so long to respond. This is a project that sort of died out for me. I moved on to Bi-polar steppers and pololu drivers.
    I had all sorts of issues with this machine. These guys basically slapped steppers of the existing manual bearing system and declared it a CNC. This sort of caused all sorts of problems for me. If you’re still curious, I can dust them off and take a look.

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