Wiring up my stepper motors for standard rotation with Linisteppers

If anyone is curious my new old sherline line sort of looks like this:

Ok… I’m very exited that I have 3 of my 4 linisteppers working very nicely.  On my forth, I had soldered the resistors next the the diodes in the wrong hole.   (For the moment, that drive is intended for a 4 axis (rotary table that I don’t have yet so this isn’t what I’d call in the critical path.))

So I have my first motor wired up and I wanted to make sure that it was running in the correct direction.

Well, I found this reference http://www.steppermotors.us/stepper_motor_glossary.htm

Which states:
Direction of Rotation The direction the shaft rotates when viewed from the mounting shaft end. The “standard” (positive) direction is defined as counterclockwise.

So now I need the direction setting on the linistepper.  http://www.piclist.com/techref/io/stepper/linistep/lini_use.htm

I’m using a 555 pulse generator that is similar to this. http://www.piclist.com/techref/555kitbuild.htm

So it appears that if I’m in full step mode and running opposite of “reverse”  Forward?  The switches should be all in the same direction.  (At the moment, my  PCU doesn’t really have high enough voltage I suspect, since I seem to have issues running in microstep mode.)

Ok… One last note.
I found this page very useful in wiring my motor up.

Hot darn… It looks like I got my 6 wire stepper for my z axis wired up correction on the first try…. You got love that.  Time to solder on the connector.

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