Hello world! Metal shaper man is undergoing a makeover.

This is a new shape to the new blog.  If you wanted to find some stuff on the old blog.  I left it up.
Here is the link.
Basically hears are the reason I did this:

  • I never visited by main page and always went to the blog.
  • Out of the can 1&1 WordPress software which controlled which plug in you install.
  • Out of the can blog lacks direct database access(based on word of the web(not 1&1))

In my late night surfing, I ran across a post where someone said that your better off making a blog your main page if that’s the main focus of your sight. (I’m paraphrasing but its something along those lines)
Anyway…. My sister mentioned that I wanted a static front page, I could a plugin to do that… So out came the virtual wrecking ball.

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