Experiments with tables in 1&1 wordpress blog

Ok…. This is started as an experiment to see if could generate a 3×3 table using KompoZer and have it work by pasting it into this blog.
cellpadding=”2″ cellspacing=”2″>
This is a test to see if This will 1 space paste into my blog 2 spaces
3 spaces
Result: Failure….
Need to do some research here:
I found this very interesting sight here:
Oh boy….. Do I have a long way to go..
Alrighty I followed this link to the guy who wrote a nice plug in for wordpress.
Soo. I guess to add a table I should figure out how to add a plug in 1&1.
Ohhh…. I just ran across something that explains a few things.  Apparently You can’t access the out of the can blog directly.   I guess this makes sense…  Newbies like me would really mess things up by having directly table access and just drive their tech support (which is pretty good by the way), just totally nuts…..Hmmm. Time to setup a new database

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