Some Little tweaks.

Ok.. Nothing too interesting..  I tried some freecad utilities for the first time, placement and alignment.  I had some issues with alignment.   I was trying to use it to align my table to the saddle.  It wasn’t really working for me.   I increased the saddle height slightly, moved the x-axis ball nut to clear the tapered gib.
I think I’m going to need some more holes to the base to attache the support column.

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2 Responses to Some Little tweaks.

  1. Javier says:

    Great work modeling the sherline mill. I am working in a counterweight system for the Z column of my 5410 mill.

    I would be great to have the 3D files. I saw in one of your post the Column Support file. Do you have the rest of the files available?

    Many thanks and again good work

  2. admin says:

    That’s a project that’s sort of a standstill at the moment,, My 3d printer and other projects became a higher priority.
    At this point, I’m thinking that I might be better off buying an x-y table and using the z-column from the sherline for the mill.
    Are you running freecad? I’m assuming your interested in the non-modded files?

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