Getting solid models of my ball nuts.

[Edit I was looking at my 7820827 ball nut and comparing it to the 8106-448-022 solid I downloaded.. It seems that the wall thickness is not uniform. The side with the return tubes appears thinner than the opposite side.]

My Mcmaster ball screws where made by Thomson and have a part number 7820827.
I was searching around for some 3d models and I found one on the Reid sight which match the part number, but unfortunately, something got hosed up in the registration so I couldn’t get the file.
I was looking at the Thomson site and I found the partnumber 8106-448-022 seems to be equivalent as far as it’s envelope.  Looking at a Thomson catalog I downloaded seems the difference is in the major  screw dia:

8106-448-022 (0.610)
7820827 ( 0.620)

I did see one small difference.  The 8106-448-022 shows a cross-hole hole in the thread and the part I have has a flat.

Placing the ball screws help alot.   Currently I have the saddle height at 2.375.   I was thinking that I could get by using the original base support so I was shrinking the saddle height.   I have ~2.52 inchs of height on raw material available.    The bolts that screw into the base column go in 1/2.   I need to model that to see if I’m going to hit the “Y” axis lead screw.


I think I’m going to move the x-axis Ball nut a bit also, since I might hit the tapered gib.
If I have clearance I might drop it down a bit also.


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