Something new here(for me at least) 1&1 website management on Ubuntu Linux (SSH vss FTP)

I’m trying to figure out how to do some tweaks on my web pages beyond the basic web based “Websitebuilder” on the 1on1 site can handle.  They really give you a great deal on the sign up to get you going, but of course they want to charge for the nicer  stuff.  Can blame them, if it were my business, I’d probably do the same.

Anyway, when you sign up you can specify Windows or Linux hosting package. Since I’m on the Linux kick thats the one I chose.   It’s been a few months, but they sent a CD “1&1 Website Tuner CD STARTER” with the confirmation paperwork.  The irony of this is that the CD requires windows to run.    A friend of mine who makes a living supporting windows based machines had a lot of fun with that one(at my expense).  I’m pretty sure that wasn’t an Opps on their part but I guess I should check. Yep… Just talked to Jackie at tech support and that the way it is….
Since my blog stuff is basically for snicks and grins and I’m on a beyond tight budget, I have no desire at the moment, to hi-grade to the delux( aka $$ )web-based tools.  So I wanted to see if I could download my webpages and see if I could fix them up locally.
Basically searching the ubuntuforum as well as the 1&1 faq’s  I came up with my basic strategy to try out.
I found the following Open Source web tools in the Ubuntu repository downloadable with the Synaptic package manager:
Kompozer:  a WYSIWYG HTML Editor based on Nvu.
Bluefish:  a free software/open source text editor for POSIX-conforming operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X
Inkscape: a vector graphics editor application. Its stated goal is to become a powerful graphic tool while being fully compliant with the XML, SVG and CSS standards
The GIMPGNU Image Manipulation Program: a raster graphics editor used to process digital graphics and photographs
At this point, these applications are not my personal recommendations, but it seems this is my interpretation of the forum discussion of what some of the best free stuff thats out there to try..

The next step in the process is to get my connection going from my website to my PC.  From my basic research I got the impression that  1on1 offers SSH and FTP.  There may be other options but those are the ones I ran across so far.   I got the impression that FTP is not very secure and that SSH was the way to go.  I’m not an expert such matters which I posted on the ubuntuform and some excellent feedback. [Need to add link site is not reachable at the moment]

Setting up a  SHH connection to the 1on1 webserver in Linux was remarkable easy:
Login to the 1&1 control panel (1&1 website)
Select FTP account(1&1 website)
Select Place->Connect to Server (in ubuntu linux)

Ok…Bear with me here.  I just screenshot the Connect to server form and saved it to my desktop.  Now I just fired up the Gimp (I’m a huge fan of that movie Pulp Fiction) and it makes me smile everytime I think about the Gimp.. anyway…) to crop the screen shot… Now time to figure out how to upload  the image…..
I found this link on the 1&1 site: How to insert Images which seems to be a dead end because you need the good package to use that…. @#%. Hmm…  I just fired my SSH link up and tried dropping it into the static image folder for my site…. Let see if that works…. No it doesn’t..
Try #2 dropping it into the main folder for
In theory something there should be an image there. Looks Hot darn we’re in business. .My daughter just got home and wants to play dinosaurs….
Later 🙂

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