wordpress woes….

I’ve been trying to get a wordpress site up for my wife.

I’ve been trying to use the wp-tables reloaded plug-in along with Station 1.2.1 theme by Plugins.

So far no luck on getting the plug-ins to work. The authors support page had a post with the exact issue that I’m having.

The question of things to check:

this is most likely caused by your theme, which probably shows your posts by using the template tag “the_excerpt()” or a modified version of “the_content()”.

Are other plugins with shortcodes working?

WordPress hasn’t really been my focus (what the heck is a shortcode), but I do want to keep the wife happy… 😉
So… I found a quick link on how to make a short code…
I thought I try the hello world and see if it works. Yep…..
Duh…. Just figured it out… I type the shortcode with the visual tab instead of the HTML.  That makes a world of difference….

I can go to bed happy…

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