I’m sort of a jack-of-all trades master of none sort of guy, blessed (or cursed depending on how you want to look at it) with natural curiosity and many interests and things that are important to me.

Some of which include:

  • my family
  • precision metal manufacturing
  • machine tools
  • home shop  machinist (HSM)stuff
  • Stirling Engines Cad/Cam/CNC
  • Kinematics
  • VB application programming
  • database development
  • graphics
  • tropical fish
  • gardening
  • theater
  • bicycling
  • martial arts (Aikido)
  • pottery
  • wood working
  • electronics
  • alternative energy.

The name of this website is inspired by my two Ammco Metal Shapers.
One is being restored to more or less classic function.  The other
will be souped up like a high-tech dragster …. That’s the goal anyway.

My current pursuits are:

  • developing my web skills
  • simultaneously to develop my skills in Ubuntu, C++, OpenCascade.

Here’s a wiki link discussing Open Cascade.

While there are many experts spread across the fields covering my current endeavour,  this is project is largely  Terra incognita
for me.  The information I seek is all there, frustratingly spread
across the net, frankly pushing my current level of understanding..
I’ve been spending more time then I’d like to admit trying to get a
simple OpenCascade makebottle demo
working in Linux.  One my hopes is to document a clear path needed
to get OpenCascade working from the point of a clean Linux install of
the OS to getting that bottle to draw generate on my PC.  My hope
is others  who undertake the same journey I did, can get there a
whole lot quicker than I did.  My suspicion is that there are
others out who like me are not dumb, but just don’t know.   I
think there is value pointing out my personal new discoveries while
they are fresh, rather than explaining obvious  points
as  an expert.    Hopefully you won’t  get
lost following my notes, unless you want to.

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  1. Peter McKelvey says:


    I ma trying to remove the ram from my AMMCO shaper. It won’t slide off without hitting the rocker arm. I tried (gently) to drive out the lower in for the rocker arm, but it seems to fetch up against something. Have you taken one of these apart?

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