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Some thoughts on a recirculating ball design

I ran across this very interesting video of a printed recirculating ball set up for the rep rap. This got be to thinking…..   What if I did something like this. (There is going to be 4 sets of these.)  

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Abandoning the Differential Screw Idea.

I think I going to abandon the differential screw Idea for my wedgie printer.    Basically the problem was it was getting too long and it was just had way too many parts needed to get it to work was way … Continue reading

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2nd Iteration of the Rail Assembly and 1 iteration of the differential screw

I wasn’t liking the eccentric on my first iteration.  The eccentric didn’t seem solid enough to me.    Well this is my second iteration.  Instead of a metal plate I’m going with a 3d printed bracket.   The eccentric locates in a … Continue reading

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