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Part 1)Experiments on getting OpenCascade MakeBottle.cxx to compile on Hardy Heron 32-bit using g++ compiler

I’ve been trying to get MakeBottle.cxx to compile on my 32-bit Hardy Heron…    As I’ve said from the beginning of me starting to post, I’ve been pursuing three simultaneous learning objectives… Linux, C++ OpenCascade As this is a fun[?] project … Continue reading

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Frustration Alley

Ok… I just want to get the sound on Maelstrom running properly.  This thing is starting to make my brain ache. The sound in Maelstrom is controlled via the SDL.  I posted some questions on the ubuntuforums and haven’t gotten … Continue reading

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Compiling Maelstrom from source for Ubuntu Linux

I really enjoy Maelstrom the game.  Somehow when I installed 8.04 on PC on my  P4V8X-MX motherboard I could never get the sound to on the game to work quite right. The sound would play int the background, but there … Continue reading

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Export the 1&1 blog into your own wordpress blog that you create.

Ok… I just got done export porting my data from my old 1&1 blog and Imported into the wordpress log I just created.  I developed a set of step by step instructions on how to do this.  I’m a little … Continue reading

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Hasta la vista baby

I was using the out of the can 1&1 blog and found it no longer met my needs. I now blogging directly from instead of I’m leaving this sight up for now. I thought I couldn’t export my … Continue reading

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Working on the theme

OK,,, I’m really starting to diverge from the path here……. But this plain blue is just not me…. I found some interesting information on themes:… I thinking I’m going to be sticking to stuff of the WordPress site instead of … Continue reading

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Hello world! Metal shaper man is undergoing a makeover.

This is a new shape to the new blog.  If you wanted to find some stuff on the old blog.  I left it up. Here is the link. Basically hears are the reason I did this: I never visited by … Continue reading

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Experiments with tables in 1&1 wordpress blog

Ok…. This is started as an experiment to see if could generate a 3×3 table using KompoZer and have it work by pasting it into this blog. cellpadding=”2″ cellspacing=”2″> This is a test to see if This will 1 space … Continue reading

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