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Freecad Critter

[edit 12-1-12] After some code adjustments and I slight change I was able to keep moving forward. * 77c4da5 Sketcher: reenable directional autoconstraints * 90a7787 Add DXF export of Drawing module to export command * afcaa8b Sketcher: Implement symmetry with … Continue reading

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Sherline Column Base

Just got the base done.   I was going to model the threaded holes on the base but I don’t really need to.   I’ll probably do that with the lead screws.. Moving right along hear.  

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Modeling the Sherline Table.

Ok.. Now this is starting to get interesting.  I  got my Sherline table modelled.   The next step is the Z-Axis support column.  I was looking at my raw material inventory and I have a 4″X2 1/2 log of aluminium on … Continue reading

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First attempts at the Macro Solid Sweep

I was just having a little fun with my first attempt at a sweep. I pulled the macro over,  Create a  shape and a  path, selected the sketch elements and executed  the macro… (Order in selection is important, when … Continue reading

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More Progress on the modeling the Sherline.

After a bit of screwing around I managed to get the saddle modeled without having it fused to the base.  I’m actually fairly pleased with the result.  There are a bunch of threaded set screw holes that I haven’t modelled … Continue reading

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Not sure this is correct.

I created a sketch with link external edges.  I padded the sketch and the object that it was linked to came along for the ride. I’m not sure is correct behavior.

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Some progress on modeling the sherline Saddle.

I’ve been making some progress on the saddle.  There’s a tapered gib in the system, so I’m going to see if I  draw two referenced to the endfaces of the saddle.  Them I’m going to loft them and then fuse … Continue reading

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Linking the base to the saddle.

One issue that I ran into was I made a mistake in the first sketch that I made of the saddle.  Unfortunately, the way I set the constraint, messed this up and took a while to tidy up.  To draw … Continue reading

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