Some progress on modeling the sherline Saddle.

I’ve been making some progress on the saddle.  There’s a tapered gib in the system, so I’m going to see if I  draw two referenced to the endfaces of the saddle.  Them I’m going to loft them and then fuse them… That’s the plan anyhow.




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2 Responses to Some progress on modeling the sherline Saddle.

  1. Trevor says:

    Hi my names Trevor,

    I also use Sherline tools many years ago I had a saddle for the lathe made for me on a CNC machine I’m thinking of having another one made this time with a steel topslide. I figure it would make my setup more rigid. you blogs interesting let me know how you get on, well done

  2. admin says:

    Thanks… I should get back to that project.. These days it seems I have more projects than time.

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