A thought on what makes C++ cool.

Ok… I’m definitely starting to get into this C++ stuff.
I guess it helps to be challenged but not totally blown away.
One thought  that I got out  “Thinking in C++”  is that you get the low level bit twiddling capability of “C” and the high level “paint with a broad brush” stuff you get with the object you get with the C++.  Now… that is music to the ears of a hard-core VB6 programmer who likes to occasionally bit-twiddle.
Hmmm.. Now if there was an gnu C++ object that resembled JT’s weapon of choice, the Hierachialflexgrind control, that would really be cool..
I googled a bit and didn’t really come up with anything…. I threw the question out to the programming section out to the ubuntu forum.  It would be interesting to see what they have to say… http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=806807

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