Code::Blocks autocompletion woes on ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

I was just looking over some of my past posts and I seem to be having many woes…..
I suppose if everything worked out of the box I never learn anything.

So… I signed up for this C++ class and I’m I’d like to complete my homework assignment using Code::Blocks.
I’ve been really spoiled by the Vb auto code completion and I really would like it working in Code::Blocks.

I’m about 80% sure I had it working before, so something is wrong, probably something subtle and obvious….
So… A little research here lead me here which directed me:
First things first, my system just got done updates, I’m just going to reboot to be on the safe side..
Ok… Lets see.

A: Did you check how code completion is configuredĀ ? See “Settings/Editor”, click on “Code-completion and symbols browser” in the left column and check the Code completion and C/C++ parser tabs.


Ok… Everything looks fine… Was I typing 4 characters(Ok…. if something is wrong here I don’t see it..)

Next step

They ‘re mostly useful when you don’t add compiler search dirs in build options but use backticked expressions (e.g. freetype-config --cflags). In this case, the parser is not aware of where the source files are located. So, by manually adding the directory in the parser’s search dirs you ‘re actually helping the parser find the files..

Huh… What the heck does that mean? I’m trying to get code completion to work on a program that’s on the level of primordial ooze. (I’m thinking that’s not the issue here.. Wasting a bit too much time here…. I need to get this homework done first without autocompletion (yech!!)
I just cant give it up..
Found some more stuff here..,10564.0.html

Ok… I basically got no where sort of fast here…
I just want some features with code completion sort of like my beloved vb6.
So… I decided to try codelite instead of codeblocks from the repositories.
When I ran from the repositories every thing was fine out of the box. IDE doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of code::blocks but from what I recall of when the code completion was working, it seems superior.
It tried upgrading to from Rev2893 from the repository to Rev3681 things got weird. I kept getting “/bin/sh: mingw32-make.exe: not found” eventhough i had the IDE set for g++ . Don’t know don’t care what was going on there. Right now I have code completion working for the kindergarten level of C++ that I’m at so that’s good enough for me.

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