Code::blocks Project file for HeeksCad ugly but it works.

This is a little sample Code::Blocks project file that I got to work for Heekscad.  HeeksCAD is evolving pretty quickly.  There is discussion on the the heekscad about a option under development RUNNINPLACE which will be far more interesting that this..   The roadblock I ran into using Codeblocks is the program looks up the graphic icons.
The Makefile install executable as
The executable basically backs up one  and then looks folders:
Basically,  if you create the executable in the source code directory, that graphic elements are not stored that way… And if  target /usr/local/bin…  you require sudo.   There is probably a way around that but I just want to start play with the code to see how it works.
Basically I created a folder in for the the executable in my local directory (no sudo required)

And dumped the graphics in:


This is a crappy project file but it was good enough to get me going. (I haven’t done this for a we’ll see if this works. Hear’s the link

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One Response to Code::blocks Project file for HeeksCad ugly but it works.

  1. Dan Heeks says:

    I took this project file and made it work for me.
    I have added it to the HeeksCAD project.

    I can build, debug, find build errors like in Microsoft Visual Studio.
    I can do “find declaration of” and “find implementation of”

    Thanks for starting this project file.


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