Code::Blocks Wxwidgets and XP

Ok… So it’s the day after Thanksgiving…
My family went to the Strongbow Inn in Indiana, and are jaws dropped when we got the bill.
It was one of those situations where the food was nice, but it wasn’t that nice.
Let me put it to you this way, if we would have cooked at home and invested what it cost us, we would have had leftovers for a month..
Next year we’re having Thanksgiving at my house. I wonder how many people will do the same after that wallet lightener.. Prefer Thanksgiving at home anyway…

I’m experimenting with code blocks on a XP machine at the moment.
I hind site, I wish I documented everything I did up to this point.
I downloaded, wxwidgets, code::builder, wxformbuilder and somewhere along the way gcc was included in one of the packages.
Somehow I reached a decision to use wxformbuilder over Glade, but I appears that wxsmith seems is native to code::blocks. It doesn’t appear a big deal to go over to wxformbuilder.
I found a hello world example at

I installed everything and started to go through the step by step tutorial and I sort of hit a snag at this point of the tutorial

When you follow another wizard pages, you may occasionally see message box saying that debug configuration can not be found. This is because the wxWidgets library was build using release mode (the BUILD=release option used for make). If you want real debug library, you can recompile your wxWidgets by using BUILD=debug. Project may also be tuned to work with release version on both debug and release build targets (the way to do this is presented at the end of this tutorial)

I start poking around a bit with this stuff and it appears this is sort of a big deal. Basically, if you don’t know what your doing your going to want to switch this to BUILD=debug.
Perhaps this is a good thing that my progress has gotten slowed a bit here… There are a bunch of questions whose answer are very fuzzy to me. Code::blocks seems to allow multiple compilers. My understand is that pre-compiled libraries across multiple compilers is not a big deal across c applications but is a big headache with C++. Light bulb went off. Is that a reason why Gtk+ is written in c.

Somehow I got myself pointed to this link I need to research:

So… The issue is whether to use gcc or a windows compiler for XP. But…. for now I have help start putting up the christmas tree. 🙂
The saga continues here

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