D3 Stopped working on Ubuntu 10.04 Firefox Ver 17.0

I just got done vacuuming the heat exchanger in the fridge and the drier vent as part of the periodic maintenance.  Anyway my tiddly wiki won’t save all of a sudden which sort of sucks…   Anyway I think I have a hint of what to do here. http://gqshen.com/archives/445

Anyway.. Don’t have time to deal with this at the moment.

This is the message I got.

It’s not possible to save changes. Possible reasons include:
– your browser doesn’t support saving (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera all work if properly configured)
– the pathname to your TiddlyWiki file contains illegal characters
– the TiddlyWiki HTML file has been moved or renamed

So it appears that there is a plug-in called tiddly-fox that fixes all this.   Just installed it.

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