Dreaming in code and other matters.

When I’m at my library, I tend to browse the computer section to see if there is anything that catches my eye. One one of my visits, I happened to have noticed this odd book titled “Dreaming in Code” by Scott Rosenberg. I pulled it off shelf and randomly opened it up and read a little. Hot darn, there was a discussion about Wxwidgets, which was something I was actively pursuing. So…. I checked it out and started reading it.

I’ve found myself really enjoying this book. As a lone wolf, quasi-professional/hobbyist programmer this opens up a world to which I’m not at all familiar. It’s given me pause, to consider what’s happening around me as well as what I’m up to. I guess what I am to a certain extent is an ax sharpener. On thing that caught my eye was the author taking about a gook called “Getting Things Done” aka GTD by David Allen. Hmmm. I just put it on hold both the audio and paper version….. This should be interesting.

I guess maybe perhaps, one of the reasons this caught my eyes is that I feel I’m not getting things done. Jack of all trades, master of none is pretty much sums it up.. Anyway… I thinking I need to re-hash were I’ve been and where I want to go.
I’ve had a interest in learning Opencascade with is a cad graphic library. My primary interest is to develop some automate some manufacturing techniques that I’ve originally exposed in the mid 80’s.
That set a lot of ball’s in motion that I don’t want to get into at the moment…. Anyhow….

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