Even more on integrating the Arc into the polyline.

I think I’m honing in on the code where I would need add code to change a line to a polyline. I’m starting to run into coin3d stuff. I never worked with coin3d so I need to do a little research here just to understand what’s going on.

This links to a short(8page) and terse PDF that explains soQT and I was following along to about page 4. ;( Not so much that I didn’t understand… More like information overload..
So.. up to now, I’ve been playing in the layers of the the code where we’re in the sketch and interacting with the events. This hasn’t been too bad, it all makes sense to me. This soQT stuff seems somewhat similar to my journey into Ogre (which makes sense but it’s still a bit fuzzy too me). I’m still fuzzy on the layers that interact with opencascade. Hopefully, all will be revealed as I hammer through this…

It is important to note:

“that SoQt classes are NOT instances of QWidget or QObject. SoQt uses delegation rather than
inheritance to integrate with Qt. This allows greater flexibility and a cleaner architecture. Internally, SoQt creates an
instance of a QGLWidget to perform rendering.”

For a brief refresher on delegates.
I think there’s a lot of that going on..

4 Displaying a Scenegraph
Just need to refresh on a couple topics:

4.1 Inheritance hierarchy of Viewers
This section makes a lot of sense to me and it talks about the object hierarchy of soQT.

Basically what they said, was that the bottommost class can do a lot of things without a lot of programming but are the lease flexible for customization. Makes perfect sense..
So the thought that crosses my mind is what level is the sketcher working at in freecad..
SoQtFlyViewer (231 Matches)
src/3rdParty/Pivy (1 File)
src/Gui (1 File)

SoQtConstrainedView (135 Matches)

SoQtExaminerViewer(296 Matches)
src/3rdParty/Pivy(1 file)
src/Gui(3 files)

SoQtplaneViewer (189 Matches)
src/3rdParty/Pivy(1 file)
src/Gui(1 files)

SoQtFullViewer (290 Matches)
src/3rdParty/Pivy(1 file)

SoQtViewer (991 Matches)
src/3rdParty/Pivy(1 file)
src/Gui(6 files)
src/Mod/Mesh/Gui(2 files)

SoQtRenderArea (846 Matches)
src/3rdParty/Pivy(1 file)
src/Gui(1 files)

SoQtGLWidget  (424 Matches)
src/3rdParty/Pivy(1 file)

SoQtComponent (413 Matches)


SoQtObject(107 Matches)


Oh Well… The house is just woke up… The dog’s are demanding pets and the family is hungry and wanting my fluffy waffles……

Basically what I get out this is it appears that freeCad focuses at the SoQtViewer levels.
Wife getting hungry and cranky….

Thats it for now


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